Google Maps Playground and sources.

Tests during „Fussball-Europameisterschaft“ 2016 France.

1. Heatmap I

EM 2016
Fig. 1 evolution1.jpg
Fig. 2 evolution2.jpg

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2. Heatmap II

Marktwert Fussball
Fig. 3 marktwert2.jpg

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3. Sources for advanced solutions!

Google Maps with timeline. Storytelling with maps etc.

3.1 Example 1

Halifax Crime Maps is an animated heatmap of crimes in Halifax. By David Hamp-Gonsalves

Halifax Crime
Fig. 4 timed-heatmap1.jpg

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3.2 Example 2

Verräterisches Handy; Realisierung: OpenDataCity © ZEIT ONLINE

Timed GoogleMap
Fig. 5 timed-heatmap2.jpg

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3.3 Example 3

VSJF-Refugees Migration 1898-1975 in Switzerland (

Google Map timed
Fig. 6 timed-heatmap3.jpg

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